...blending the traditional with innovation

Cambodia had always gathered creations from everywhere in an astonishing amalgam. The cities burst into contrasts and incoherencies, in a style unlike any other. Amused twinkle to modern-day Cambodia, our designs are inspired by these exuberant shades. Combining with a colourful cultural and craft tradition, Theam has created inspired objects for home, leisure and workspaces exuding warmth and extreme reverence for the beauty and language of nature, with distinctly modern creative edge.

Introduction to the art of living according to the Khmer tradition, this singular and astonishing folk item has become a must during the visit to Theam's House. Such as an incense stick burning silently and spreading its sweet smoke, the art of living according to the Khmer, is an impalpable flagrance floating in the air, discreet and light, and yet so inseparable from its surroundings.

The value added is expressed through the craftwork, the hands that shape it, and above all, this particular blend between tradition and design. This reflection is part of a global approach by blending the traditional with innovation.

As designer, Theam commissions also local artisans to create artworks with the same techniques and materials used by their ancestors such as stone, bronze or silk. The showroom also displays a gorgeous selection of cotton and silk ware, including elegant shawls or luxurious bed covers, made of silk from Phnom Srok–famous for its exceptional quality, silver platted and a permanent exhibition of Bronze artworks.

Working along a sustainable and fair development for crafts, Theam offers to young artisans and villagers a job-on-site, allowing them to practice their talents and providing them with a vocation and a dignity.